Bonnington Gallery – Lace Unarchived Exhibition

Wigflex Live Visuals

Jackmaster - Red Bar
NYE 2015
Wigflex x Mimm, Irish Centre

Animaglitch visuals v3. Chopped vintage psychedelic cartoons layered with optical video feedback footage. Processed with VDMX. Featuring Akkord, Untold, Randomer & Spam Chop appearing in that order.

Halloween - 8th Birthday
Gottwood Outside Visuals - James Holden
Kanding Ray - Soup Kitchen
Surgeon & Clouds - Live Installation @ The Lacehouse


MM#01 Documentation | April 2017
Early Test Footage

Shaky early test footage of ‘MULTIMODAL’ – a new pilot event in Nottingham in collaboration with Lukas Cole. I’ve developed the visuals based off my dissertation research into visual neuroscience conducted at The University of Nottingham. Two generated layers of sinusoidal grating waves which have their shift value synced to the bpm of the music in real-time –  will be projected onto all 4 walls – directly stimulating the initial brain region of the visual pathway (V1).

These gratings will then be manipulated throughout the evening, to stimulate through the pathway to mid-level vision and beyond. As the visuals are driven by the music, the visual and auditory modalities will constantly be in sync, causing multimodal interaction which exercises the brain and body into a hypnotised, heightened state of consciousness.

WAH WAH – ‘Signal-Cave.Path’ Installation

Short Edit

Live analogue audio-visual semi-performance within cave system underneath Malt Cross – a victorian ballroom turned bar/venue. A live feed was processed through an analogue AV patch creating a textured, deep drone and distorted visuals. Also included installation featuring an arduino which was swinging a fluorescent tube in front of a plasma ball – intermittently exciting the electrons in the tube causing it to illuminate when it was close.

Long Edit (1080p)
Video Loop

I also made this quick analogue video loop to play on monitors within the main space of the event.

Wigflex Analogue Installtions


Analogue feedback visuals utilising a cut-out stencilled Wigflex logo. Live video signals were processed and distorted by the audio signals from the mixer.


Analogue monitor stack for halloween – live video feed processed and distorted by microphone audio signals.

One Thoresby Street Visuals

Perdition Visuals

Perc & Bleaching Agent
Vester Koza
Lee Gamble

Video Coming Soon..

Obscure Visuals

French Fries

Mimm Visuals

Secret Sessions #02
Secret Session #06

Video Coming Soon..

Craig Charles
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