I designed the brand, videos and promotional material for my own electronic music night in Nottingham in 2014.

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Initially there were visuals on the back wall powered by VDMX, with TV screens looping the promo videos on the sides, and a live camcorder glitch feed on the wall. After attempting to brighten the dimming projector the decision was made to turn it off as it was disrupting the DJ.
So we moved the feed to the back wall, and just ended up fucking around on stage with a camcorder and video enhancer box with internal video feedback wired in. When the camcorder battery ran out we resorted to a cosmic laser. We had fun.

Promo Videos
Feature in The Guardian

Artwork printed in The Guardian

T-Shirt Design

T-shirt designed for competition

Physical Promo
Digital Marketing
Resampled analogue distortion for promo aesthetic.

Prolecast Stream

Prolecast x Wigflex promo podcast for Marcel Dettmen, Pearson Sound & Tasker on 30.05.14 at the Music Exchange record shop in Nottingham. Featuring Perdition (Dan Watson & Marc Lanaway), Felix Coulton and Hizatron (Joshua Harvey) on the decks. Footage processed with VDMX switching between a front facing webcam and wide gopro shot of the store.