I quickly bootstrapped together a responsive, full-page intro for the Unible app, to share on social media and begin capturing email signups to those who are interested in the loop with updates.

I used fullpage.js and bootstrap to quickly align clear typography and graphics which reflect the app’s design and function within defined sections.

Joey Holder

Ophiux - 3D Experience (Under Construction)
Ophiux Holding Page
Screen Shot 2016-03-16 at 23.20

New Midland Group

Screen Shot 2016-03-16 at 23.28

I quickly wrote a simple holding page in html/css/javascript in an afternoon, to introduce the idea of newmidlandgroup.co.uk as the url was empty and required some info before the details were finalised.

The brief was to create a website in keeping with the New Midland Group design, which clearly presented all the information needed for the multi-venue art event coming to Nottingham for the first time; Bloomberg New Contemporaries 2015. This event took place across 6 weeks, including exhibitions, events. I created a custom map including information about partner organisations.

It was important to keep in mind that once the event passed, the New Midland Group would remain and the website would be repurposed for any future endeavours between the three arts organisations.



Screen Shot 2016-03-16 at 23.29

During a 4 week placement at Creative Quarter Nottingham, I researched, designed and built a platform for businesses within, and associated with the creative quarter to share knowledge and resources.

I built a members-only social network in wordpress, where users can search the knowledge-base, post updates, join groups, post in forums, contribute articles and add events to the calendar. Users are awarded custom-designed badges if they are a trusted expert/contributor, and for interacting with the site as seen below:


One Thoresby Street

Screen Shot 2016-03-16 at 23.34

Old One Thoresby Street website screenshot. They asked for it to be not too dissimilar in terms of branding, so I took inspiration from the old website for the vertical header navigation, retaining a the large OTS logo.

Screen Shot 2015-03-17 at 16.54.02

On the homepage I chose only to display the basic information as the website is divided into several different sections. You initially land with video footage of the building, celebrating the impressive building. The full screen video then cycles through upcoming event posters after a few seconds, which you can click to take you through to the relevant page, so you can see the most immediate information you may need visiting the website. I used the full logo on the home page as well which includes the text, on all other pages the logo is the simple square logo, again to give the feeling of a special landing page.

The structure of the rest of the website took a while to work out from an organisational point of view. Eventually we decided that there would be an overview programme, which would explain and discuss the multitude of organisations which have been at One Thoresby Street in the past and how the building is currently organised. On this overview programme there are two further streams which show the archive of the currently active exhibition spaces, along with the current and future activity. You can access the programme for the bottom floor which is just One Thoresby Street, or the Attic space at the top of the building, from the two big square buttons, or in the navigation menu when you hover over ‘Programme’.

The other pages in the website are a simple grid list of current studio artists, and a list of alumni members and associate members. There is also a join page where you can fill out a form to apply for a studio space and get the relevant information about membership. There is a shop where you can buy editions and items from OTS. Finally there is an about page which gives a general overview of the building, it’s history and the organisations running out of the building, along with a google maps, contact form, further social media links and opening times during exhibitions.


Old Attic website screenshot. Again they asked to retain the branding but integrate it into the main One Thoresby Street website, so I retained the colour scheme and logos and continued the same structure from the new OTS website to the Attic section.