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Matt Woodham is an artist/designer/creative technologist with a background in psychology & neuroscience. Through his research, and fascination for knowledge gained from human experience and empirical evidence – he strives to unravel the systems and patterns underpinning our physical & natural worlds; often looking at the common dynamics between both technical and human systems, such as the transfer of signal, waves, energy and information.

With a particular focus on the aesthetics and qualities of medias, he designs and builds experiences, products, installations and audio-visual content; to communicate ideas/perceptions, and to explore solutions to complex social problems – especially regarding sustainability, efficiency and wellbeing.

He believes that the interdisciplinary space between art, science and technology can provide the possibilities for inducing both wonderment and socio-cultural advancement. Using science as the ground, technology as the tool and art as the expression.

Recently a member of Near Now studio, working on Unible, a platform addressing the future challenges of work; aiming to help the realisation of diverse projects, and the discovery of meaningful collaborations. Also currently a member of One Thoresby Street where his personal sound/visual studio and shared workshop is based.




UPCOMING – Hydrozoa | Large multimedia installation for UK music festivals. Summer 2017.

UPCOMING – Sounds From The Other City | Live visuals in collaboration with artist Gareth Hustwaite, April 2017.

UPCOMING –  808 | Live visuals & installations for Saltwater rooftop event, April 2017.

UPCOMING –  Wigflex – Space Dimension Controller | ‘Intergalactic’ Projection mapped live visuals & installations, April 2017.

UPCOMING – MULTIMODAL – Multifaceted brand/platform | Event series exploring intersections between arts, science and technology, April 2017.

UPCOMING –  NSFW | Exhibition curated within disused dell office & live stream event, early 2017.

UPCOMING – SEQUENCE///LINEAR:::PARALLEL | Installation for NSFW, early 2017.

‘Telophase, 2017’ | Experimental audio-visual installation, March 2017.

Perdition | Live visuals , March 2017.

Project – Fritz Wentink & Jon K | Event graphic design, March 2017

Giles Peterson | Live visuals, February 2017


Wigflex NYE Cage Party | Visuals & DIY Lighting design for Wigflex cage concept party.

Gnork – Big Dipper Music Video | Magicwire Recordings.

OPHIUX | Online 3d experience project in collaboration with artist Joey Holdey.

‘Getting to know’ – Alice Gale-Feeny | Solo Exhibition at Nottingham Castle – AV tech concept & programming.

Liverpool International Festival of Psychedelia | Visuals in collaboration with artist Gareth Hustwaite, 23 + 24 September 2016.

Wigflex x Magicwire @ The Yard, London | Promotional Video & Live visuals, August 2016.

Three Body Trio – Beatroute | Music video, July 2016.

Alter Ego | Festival decor/artistic installations, June 2016.

Peckham Rye Music Festival – Visual loop competition winner, May 2016.

Wah Wah, Malt Cross – ‘Signal-Cave.Path’ | Mixed media installations within cave system utilising various analogue technologies, February 2016.

Giant Head – Haunting ex | Music video using various analogue video devices, February 2016.

1.7TB | Online web project in collaboration with artist Joey Holder, February 2016. |

Near Now studio, 2016 – Refined prototype, wrote pitch, recruited team – production sprint week from 16th May 2016.


Wigflex | Multiple analogue installations installations, live visuals & videos throughout year.

New Midland Group | Website design for online delivery of Bloomberg New Contemporaries, 2015.

Nottingham Contemporary | AV install for Sun Ra Exhibition, Alien Encounters, October 2015

CQNET | R&D Project for community website for creative businesses in the Nottingham creative quarter, August 2015.

No War – Dewy Sinatra | Music video – hardware processed, layered archive footage and lyrics, May 2015.

One Throesby Street – Digital placement at Nottingham artist-led studio/gallery space through Know How | Website redesign, digital strategy and promotional content, Jan – Feb 2015.